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In this series I was inspired to try my hand at crafting a costume. I wanted to create images of a woman as a warrior. It was a daunting task to create a costume that looked like armor A few of the props were such as the helmets, swords and shield were purchased online via an exhausting search of finding the items that would be compatible with my vision of the images I had in mind for this concept. Next order of business was finding the right model for the project....I sent smoke signals out and lo and behold I found her and she was and is a dream to work with. Projects such as these are are an intense and lengthy process for both the model and the photographer. Eventually there is an evolution that takes place as you will note throughout the progression of the images. With that being said, just as I have said many times before, there is no cookie cutter standard in the beauty of a woman....from the softness of an odalisque image to the edgy power of sensuality in the lean and fit. Both have their attributes of undeniable beauty and sensuality...much like trying to compare the beauty of a tulip to that of a rose...there is none and cannot be done.